The Day marks an oath to form constitutional government which attained sustained development: Premier


The Nations, Nationalities, and People’s Day is a milestone moment that marks a vow made by them [nationalities of Ethiopia] to establish a constitutional government system that helped  to attain sustained development in the country, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said.
Speaking at the celebration of the 10th Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day in Gambella, the premier  said the country has made a great leap forward in terms of social, economic and political development since the enactment of the constitution.  The country has managed to form a government that maintains unity though diversified in its composition and that is exemplary to the rest of the  world in this respect, the premier noted.
Hailemariam noted that the constitutional system has resulted in flourishing democratic nationalism and strengthened fight against poverty, which in turn gave rise to freeing of millions of people from poverty. The government has undertaken huge infrastructural developments to fill the needs of the people by allocating enormous amount of money, he said.
The government has attained its aim to ensure equitable economic benefits in previously neglected regions like Gambella, but a lot remains to be done in the region by tapping the huge resource it is endowed with, the premier underscored.
Nations, Nationalities and People’s who were disrespected and neglected by previous regimes have now got the opportunity to freely live and reflect their cultures and traditions and the Day commemorates a historic moment that vested this and other rights on them, Hailemariam underlined.
(Walta Information Center)