Amhara distributes emergency food aid to drought affected areas


The Amhara Regional State Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Office says people in drought affected areas are receiving emergency relief aimed at saving lives of both animals and humans.
Head of the office, Sileshi Temesgen, stated that at the beginning of the drought there were 1.4 million people in need of emergence food aid.  The regional state in cooperation with the federal government has provided the aid to the people.
The number of people in the region that are affect by the drought  has increased to a little over 2.2 million,  a recent survey made at a national level has showed , he said. An additional 800 thousand people that need emergency food aid will receive aid food starting from next month while the reaming  1.4 million people had received  six rounds of aid until now, he said.
According to Sileshi,  323 kebeles in the region are faced with severe water shortage due to the ongoing drought. So far, the water shortages in 168 kebeles have been solved by digging 50 water wells. The water distribution has been going on using 740 pack animals. Water purifying chemical are distributed as well, said the head.
Zerihun stated that in order to curb impact of the drought on domestic animal resources of the region, the regional state has provided fodder to a little over 126 thousand domestic animals. Besides, the region has coordinated the sale of a little over 236 thousand livestock to reduce possible impact of the drought on the farming community, he added.
(Walta Information Center)