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The hitches that are being observed in the service provision of the Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit Service (AALRTS) need fixing,  passengers had requested.  Users of AALRTS stated that problems related to ticket control, pedestrian overpass, lifts, escalators, power supply and road block  systems needs to be fixed.
According to passengers, the delay in the lift and escalator systems of the AALRTS marginalizes the aged and the physically impaired from using the tram service  while the weak ticket control system is paving the way for some cheaters  to board the train  without pay or go beyond the distance they paid for.
Passenger also said, power blackout needs to be fixed first. Passengers said power blackouts  made them to waste  time and money  in two ways:  forcing them to get  off the train before reaching their destination and consequently making them spend  extra  while extending their arrival time.  People also spend more time at other stations  waiting for the train to come. AALRTS communication director  Aweke Mulu stated that works are in progress to solve those  problems.
According to Aweke, his office will introduce electromagnetic payment system to avoid cheatings in  fare payments. Until the system becomes operational, ticket controllers and the police officers will step up their control,  he remarked.
The director assured the public that all  lift and  escalators  at some spots along the line will be operational once technical issues related to them is finalized. Though power blackout happens due to external factors out of our control, it does not occur often, he noted.
The AALRTS has been using 25 trains in two directions out of the 41 it owns so far. The trams transport 120 thousand passengers per day generating over 400 thousand birr.
(Walta Information Center)