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The climate issue that was formally debated, at times heatedly, on the various UN climate fora (UNCCC/COPs) for over twenty years seems to have finally found a kind of closure. Clear divergence between the status quo and change seekers was vividly and tangibly established in Paris. The divide between the powerful politicos, who are incontestably at the service of the profit system (global corporations, etc.) and those members of the sheeple (human mass) that support life at whatever cost, economic or otherwise, has been delineated rather strongly. If ongoing arguments/discussions (between the status quo and change-seekers) are anything to go by, the coming few decades will be quite interesting to watch. Going forward and most likely, differences between these protagonists will solidify and will be expressed concretely on the ground. As a result, pleasantries and decorum are bound to give way to boxing gloves and big sticks, so to speak!
Obviously, the mainstream media (msm), which is part and parcel of the deep state, (military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex) buoyed up the Paris conference as a success story. What actually transpired in Paris is nothing short of disgrace. For the activists and global sheeple who have been working hard on climate issue, (based on scientific facts) Paris showed, contemptuously, a lack of urgency. On the part of entrenched interests, the main objective was and in fact has always been the postponement of the day of reckoning, in as much as possible, by employing various tactics like pseudo scientific assumptions about nature and human activities. To this end, outright propaganda has been viciously employed! To start with corporations/institutions do not have much appreciation about life and the biosphere, as they are non-human fabrications of the modern world system. They don’t appreciate the irrefutable scientific facts/data that consistently convey what is going on the planet, as their interest is not life, but profit! As their languages are not human languages, it is hard to communicate the urgency of the matter in terms they can appreciate. That is why global civil society has to resort to something they can understand and also suffer from. The existing greed based economic system needs gullible market to make its profit; if it is denied that, then it might be willing to listen!
On the part of collective humanity that is still concerned about life and life support systems, future course of actions need to be planned outside the logic of the prevailing modern world order. They shall involve, amongst other things, disengagements from actions and life styles that contribute to the worsening of climatic conditions. These of course will include, the boycotting, divestment and sanctions (BDS) of those entities greedily engaged in the destruction of our planet. In other words, massive global civil disobedience must now be put on the table! Activists need to have a strategy that is based on a two-pronged attack. The first, as we have been continually preaching; is to expose those engaged in doing excessive harm to the global environment. Secondly, activists, as vanguards of distilled principles (based on scientific facts) and experience, must diligently work to enlighten the global sheeple about its ongoing damaging ways of life. The excessive consumption of meat products, the careless burning of fossil fuel, etc. all belong here!
Enlightened humanity must start thoughtful contemplation in regards to viable alternative systems, economic or otherwise, in order to root out life destroying social organizations to which we have been subscribing for at least the past five hundred years. Ridiculous assumptions such as; ‘infinite resources and the omniscient Homo Sapiens’ must be discarded immediately! In this regard, the role of activist intellectuals is invaluable. Even in the best of times devising a new social order is a formidable task, to say nothing about all sorts of constraints that are now added to the whole problematic. For example, the socialisms of yesteryears were not genuine alternatives, as they were (more or less) conceived as ‘Soviets with electricity’ (Lenin); or look at the current red capitalist. Beijing has issued its second red alert within a month. Red alert is when the smog (pollution) hovering over the city is just too dangerous to function normally. Red alert forces school closure and restrains people’s movement.  However difficult the challenge of devising a viable alternative, the anchoring principle must always remain the same, which is the sanctity of life! The World Social Forum (WSF) with its positive slogan ‘another world is possible’ has been trying to articulate options/alternatives to the current brutal and destructive system for the last decade and half. It is instructive to review its literature.
“Only when the last tree died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught (and the air no longer safe to breathe and contaminated GMO and other crops no longer fit to eat) will we realized we cannot eat money.” 19th century proverb, italics by Stephen Lendman. Good Day!