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From the look of things, the usually swaggering ‘deep state’ (military-intelligence-industrial-banking-media-complex) seems to be staggering instead. In the country where the depth of the ‘deep state’ is frightening, certain things appear to be escaping the traditional firm grip. To recall; the deep state is that veiled, but powerful entity operating behind the formal state! Today we will limit our commentary to a segment of politicking that goes by the name election or more appropriately electioneering. This particular electioneering might serve as a further proof of the gradual erosion of the deep state’s control in places like the USA. Traditionally, screening electable candidates is/was one of the prerogatives of the deep state, stated or not. In the current election campaign (US) however, candidates that are probably not very desirable or electable (from the perspective of the deep state) are making headways with a potential to derail the laid out plan of the hidden kingmakers (operators of deep state)!
For instance, the leading candidate amongst the Republican pack, Mr. Trump, is not an insider of the party. In fact it is only after he decided to run for the presidency that he opted for the republican ticket. So it is very likely that he is not one of the vetted ones (by the deep state). But on the ground Mr. Trump has swayed a significant number of potential voters and sympathizers to his side. His popularity rests on down to earth spontaneity and political crudeness, if we might say so. It also helps that the sheeple (sheep + people = human mass) is thoroughly fed up of detached, unrealistic and often outright lies that are spewed by the ruling political elites and their entrenched establishments. Compared to these tiring and regurgitated pontification, Mr. Trump’s fresh and unrehearsed comments tend to breathe fresh air into the stale politics that has become the trademark of US democracy. To be sure, we are not endorsing the content of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric wholesale. At the same time we should honestly recognized the impact of his rhetoric on the general public. Without a doubt, his campaign seems to have energized and awaken a new political sentiment amongst a good number of the voting sheeple. As one analyst put it: ‘Trump is too rich to be bribed and too raw to abide’! For a change, a segment of the politically tired sheeple is ready to appreciate someone who is willing to speak his mind, however erroneous and at times dangerous some of his uttering are! See Martinez article next column.
On the Democratic Party front, similar difficulty obtains, speaking from the perspective of the deep state. The groomed and preferred candidate is obviously Mrs. Clinton and the media has gone out of its way to present her as the only realistic choice. Her contender, just like Mr. Trump, is not an insider of the Democratic Party. In fact, he is the oldest serving member of the US Congress, who is also an independent. Mr. Bernie Sanders is not only an independent Senator from Vermont, but is also a declared social democrat to wit! But the well-oiled machinery of the deep state doesn’t really want such an outsider who professes to implement various social policies, which are bound to be in direct conflict with the reigning ideology of neoliberalism! To this end, all sorts of difficulties are intentionally created to derail his campaign. See the articles on page 34 & 48. Whatever the outcome of the current election, one thing has come out clearly. The old established ways are being challenged and the deep state might not be able to hold on to many of its ways for long. See Ryan’s article on page 35. For example, the preferred dynastic duo, Mr. Bush and Mrs. Clinton, were the ones envisioned to slug it out on the well-choreographed political platform, at least as far as the deep state is/was concerned. But situation on the ground might not make the realization of this projected desire tenable. Unlike before, the two party system is clearly failing to deliver the goods to the sheeple (which is paramount) and this will have serious repercussion in the years to come!
In one of the previous elections in Venezuela, the Carter Center was invited to observe the whole election process. The former President of the US, Mr. Carter, declared it as the most democratic in the world. Sure enough, in the election that was held only few days back, the ruling party in Venezuela (The Chavistas) was trounced and the opposition took over the parliament! Be that as it may, such a democratic state is listed as one of the major enemies of the US, at par with North Korea! Thanks to the usual machination of the deep state, particularly its media wing, the American voters have been thoroughly captured by establishment discourse (which literally hates comparative analysis) to be able to entertain alternatives. Political enclosure has always been the strength of the American media, to say nothing about its narrow social narratives, including cultural values and general politics. Many Americans are led to believe they are the most democratic country in the world, without having to look at experiences elsewhere. For example, the American congress hardly entertains issues that matter to the majority of the people (recent study from Princeton.) The study found out US lawmakers were mostly interested in dealing with issues that were of concern to special interests, read corporations! That makes the US, not a democracy, but a bona fide plutocracy, again to use the words of the former president Jimmy Carter. Poll taken last month indicates only 9% of the sheeple think the US congress is doing a good job! No matter! As things stand, the US population is very unlikely to elect members of Congress who are just commoners passionately advocating for the rights and interests of the general sheeple.
“The problem of a weak Congress and executive growth should be bad news to all of us and, more importantly, to every constituent who cast their votes for us under the impression that Congress made decisions – not suggestions. I think the weakness of the Congress is not just undesirable, but is actually a dangerous thing for America.” Senator Ben Sasse (Nevada). Good Day!