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Name: Merin Mengesha
Education: MA in Geo Physics
Company name: Merin Agri-Business Enterprise
Studio title: Owner and General Manager
Founded: 2014
What it does: Processing animal feed
HQ: Ferensay Legasion
Number of employees: 7
Startup capital: 230,000 birr
Current capital: Growing
Reason for starting business: Low quality of animal feed products on the market
Biggest perk of ownership: Self management
Biggest strength: I am committed to my work
Biggest weakness: Advertising my work
Biggest worry: Availability of finance and modern machinery
Favorite task: Training my employees
Challenging task: None
Plan: To open a bigger animal feed processing company
First career: Hired work
Most interested in meeting: Tekleberhan Ambaye
Most admired person: Haile Gebresellasie
Stress reducer: Traveling out of Addis Ababa
Favorite pastime: Working
Favorite book: Rich and Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
Favorite film: Not very interested in films
Favorite destination: Addis Ababa
Favorite automobile: Toyota Land Cruiser V8