12% of people living with HIV/AIDS are children-HAPCO

The Federal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office has announced that out of the 740 thousand people living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia, children constitute 12 percent.
Deputy Director of  the office, Alemu Anno, said that out of the total people living with HIV/AIDS, 84 thousand of them are children.
Alemu also noted that following a wide range of work accomplished to stop spread of the virus, the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate is now reduce to 1.2 percent.
According to the deputy director, spread of the virus in terms of gender is higher in  females. He said that it is 61 percent for females while it is 39 percent for males.
Spread of the virus also varies across spatial locations. Alemu said the prevalence  is higher in urban areas, with  3.8 percent transmission  while it is 0.6 percent in rural parts of the country.
Though all people living with HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia are expected to take anti-retroviral drug, so far only 377,ooo  people are taking it, he said.
Ethiopia is to celebrate the international HIV/AIDS Day for the 27th time this year on January 2.
(Walta Information Center)

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