Access clients still waiting on homes


Access Real Estate (ARE) clients are once again disappointed and demanding action in what they claim has been a long process of retribution without results.

Despite the involvement of government bodies in efforts to settle the real estate’s disputes, no solutions are in sight according to clients.  
Since the government formed two committees to resolve the issue two years ago, clients say they had waited in hope. In this period of time the committees successfully lobbied for the return of Ermias Tekel Amelga, founder, first CEO and board head of ARE, seen as the main cause and also part of the solution of the real estate company’s demise.
The committees have also played big role for the returning back of who is considered an origin of the problem and main part to solve the problem, in to the country after his self exile to Dubai, UAE in February 2015.
At a  press conference held on November 6, 2014 the lower committee, technical committee, responsible for the main committee chaired by Mekuria Haile, Minister of Work and Urban Development, announced that its investigation was finalized and the committee  was ready to start taking measures to solve the problem.
According to home, however, there are no visible actions taken by the committees. The technical committee announced its mid-range plans a year ago, explaining that these plans would take six months. The targets set at the time were to receive the land, transfer ownership and finalize the construction permits.  In the long term, the technical committee would facilitate the construction and transfer the houses to home buyers. The long term plan was expected to take one year after commencement at the beginning of this year, before Ermias’s return to Ethiopia in mid February.
Almost a year on, sources say some of the major tasks underlined in the plans over a year ago, have not been completed by the committee.
At the main committee’s meeting, held in late October, the former head was given a green light to commence the construction on some of the projects within a few weeks. Thus far, no activity can be seen at the site located at Nyala Motors, expected to commence mid last month.
Sources said that the technical committee has agreed to meet next week to give a final decision on the situation after it evaluated Ermias’s report explaining why construction had failed to commence at the previously agreed time.
“Even though the two committees were established by the order of the Prime Minister’s Office to provide a solution, we cannot see any solutions. The government now has to consider the next step, and not just wait on the former head of the company,” home buyers said.
Three weeks ago, the home buyers committee wrote a letter expressing concern about the delay and requesting the main committee to call a meeting to discuss the issue, say sources. On this letter, the home buyers committee suggested the government give a permits for home buyers and the company to work together to commence the construction of the houses.
Access Real Estate has been in turmoil since it failed to deliver a single home to its more than 2,700 customers over four years ago. The customers collectively paid over 1.4 billion birr.
Ermias, then CEO, fled to Dubai and stayed there for nearly two years when crisis broke out. He came back early this year after he was granted special protection by the Ministry of Justice in the basis of bringing back ARE into action.
According to the real estate company’s clients, ARE is still not in action and they are losing patience waiting for a solution that does not appear in sight.