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Research on green energy systems, ICT and sustainable technology development were hot topics discussed  at the 12th edition of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Africon 2015 Conference. Over 250 researchers, professors, scientists and professionals from different countries attended the event, held from September 14 to 17, 2015. International technology giants such as Samsung, IBM as well as LG were also among the participants.
Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael stated at the opening ceremony that collaborative work among governments, institutions and other organizations will have a prominent role in strengthening ICT as well as science and technology sectors. He further said that such conferences will contribute to bringing about  socio-economic transformation to Africa.
Participants underlined that developing countries should make efforts to strengthen their science and technology capacity as well as to promote innovation.
Byeong Gi Lee, Professor of Seoul National University and Board Member of Samsung Electronics discussed good practices and lessons from South Korea, whose national economic development venture relied heavily on ICT industry.
“In my opinion, the subject is best suited for the theme of the Africon 2015,  ‘Green Innovation for African Renaissance,’  as well as for the national developmental agenda of many African countries,” he remarked  in his presentation.
Lee further said currently, South Korea stands among the ten largest nations in measures of economic scale, and it is ranked even higher in ICT infrastructure and competitiveness.
Korea’s past and present experience very well demonstrates how information and communications technology can be used for sustainable national development. Over 365 scientific papers from all over the world were submitted to organizers of the conference, with forty five of the submitted scientific papers presented at the event.
Ethiopian researchers, Addis Ababa University staff and graduate students presented 36 research papers on the topic.