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East African Aviation is set to introduce an air ambulance service to Ethiopia. The institution, established about a year ago, serves as a flight school and also provides chartered plane services. According to Captain Mulat Lemlemayehu, Managing Director of East African Aviation, the air ambulance service is set to be the first in Ethiopia.
“The air ambulance service will be the first and only in Ethiopia. We believe it is a very important service and we are working with different health facilities within the country as well as abroad, in order to provide quality service,” said Mulat.
The air ambulance is expected to be fully equipped with an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well as FEA rated doctor and nurse. Previously, in case of emergency, such services were outsourced from other countries such as Kenya and South Africa.
According to Mulat, there are plans to provide the service on a membership bases. “Let’s say for example you pay USD 2000 per year. With that fee, you will have the service of evacuation incase of an emergency and you will be covered with up to USD 75,000 worth of medical services,” he stated.
He further noted that other institutions aboard also provide the service on membership bases. “In Kenya for example, there are over 3000 people that have membership and in South Africa even more. This is how it is done in Europe as well,” he said.
He further stated that previously, there were delays in getting the service due to heavy security checks on air ambulances that come from abroad. This issue would be eliminated once the service is launched in Ethiopia.
Over 87 million birr of investment has gone into East African Aviation so far. The air ambulance service is to be officially launched in the coming week.