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In the 2014/15 fiscal year, Berhan International Bank (BIB), one of the youngest banks, recorded 138.6 mil lion birr in gross profits and 104.5 million birr of net profits, up from last year’s 89 million birr. The bank grew by nearly 14 percent growth in profit in the stated period.
The bank’s total income has reached at 373 million, 24.6 percent higher than the preceding year. Most of the income- 56.4 percent is from interest charged.
Most significant is the rise of deposit mobilization, which registered over 50 percent growth to reach 3.1 billion birr. Of this staggering amount, savings deposits take the lion share and account for 58 percent.  The growth is deposits reflects a rapid, 83 percent rise in BIB’s number of depositors, now 108,283.
Despite such achievements, shareholder’s pockets will only see earnings of 207 birr per a 1000 birr share, which was 239 birr a year ago, according to the auditor’s report.
The outstanding loans for the year stood at 1.9 billion birr, over a 60 percent growth. The bank is also getting more of its money back, with a decline in the non performing loans ratio to 2.3 percent.
In international banking, BIB has mobilized USD 69.2 million with nine percent growth. The bank report explained that the income generated from foreign exchange grew by 2.9 percent and had a share of 29 percent of the total income.
As of June 30, 2015 the total assets of the bank reached 4.17 billion birr, a 48 percent growth.
The total capital of the bank also stood at 726.8 billion birr with 31.1 percent growth, while the paid up capital registered a 31.6 percent growth to 573 million birr, surpassing National Bank of Ethiopia’s minimum capital requirement of half a billion birr requirement before the end of 2016.
With 27 new branches open in the last fiscal year, BIB now has  72 branches throughout the country.