Bole Lemi industrial park creates 3,900 job opportunities


Three factories opened in the Bole Lemi industrial park have created about 3,900 job opportunities, Managers of the factories said.
Chairman of Shin Textile Solutions Factory Min Ho Cha said that 1,700 job opportunities opened instantly with the start of operation. . The company is established at a cost of  four million USD, he noted.
The government provided the necessary support during establishment of the factory, Cha said, and it is currently exporting its products to North America and China.
Manager of JJ Textile Factory Alberto Mercedes, on his part stated his factory, built with an outlay of two million USD, is currently producing children’s clothes. JJ Textile induced 700 job openings.
Manager of a shoe factory that is owned by a Korean Investor, Su Shi, said the 2.5 million USD factory has created 1,500 jobs.  According to Su, her company is planning to expand the factory in order to double production. 
Employees who have got jobs at Bole Lemi Industrial Park said their lives have significantly improved.
According to the workers, establishment of the industrial park has opened the door for them to earn their livelihood through monthly salary. The employees monthly earn 680 birr.