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AB- HAM Enterprise PLC is using steel building technology to construct low-cost, time-efficient buildings. The company designs and produces pre-fabricated steel walls and partitions, and the technology makes it possible to construct a house in less than three months.
The company is currently applying the new technology to Beles Sugar Factory and Omo Kuraz Factory.
Adugna Meamer, Engineering Construction Department Head of AB- HAM, said that buildings made with the new technology will be ready for occupants in a short period of time.
“You can form, shape, reform and reshape your house. We can put in sound proofing and more features. We design the parts, the machine is able to construct what we need. After that, all we need to do is construct the flooring and put together the pre-fabricated parts,’’ he said.
AB-HAM Enterprise PLC is currently working on civil engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, furnishing, and construction.