Diplomatic Bazaar showcases cultures of over 50 countries

The Diplomatic Bazaar has become a regular social event of Addis Ababa that entertains many every year.  Organized by the Diplomatic Spouses Group Ethiopia (DSGE), this year’s awaited bazaar was held at the Millennium Hall on Saturday, December 5, 2015.
The Bazaar had more than 50 participating countries. Visitors enjoyed embarking in and out of different cultures just in one setting.
Entertained by the live musical performance and amusing one’s soul with the delicious foods and drinks, visitors were astounded by marvelous displayed handcrafts. At the children’s corner, different engaging and child-friendly activities went on while the grownups enjoyed the shopping.
The Diplomatic Bazaar is organized every year to raise funds for charities working in Ethiopia. All embassies donate 100 percent of their proceedings to Project Matrix, a sub-committee of the Diplomatic Spouses Group Ethiopia. 
Last year’s Diplomatic Bazaar raised over 3.2 million birr. Project Matrix used the funds to support different projects run by more than 20 local organizations. Organizations that will benefit from this year’s bazaar were also participating at Saturday’s event selling their products to visitors.    
Last year, the DSGE funded the construction of toilets and kindergartens, assisted business and life skills trainings and provided finance for rotating credit funds for small business and it contributed to other social causes as well.