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The Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority (ERCA), which has been operating with half of its required human resources, intends to double its staff.  
The authority that is responsible for collecting taxes and controlling customs currently has 10,769 employees, which is only 52 percent of the staff it requires.
Public Relations Head of ERCA Efrem Mekonnen said the authority recruits fresh graduates each year to gradually meet its staffing needs.
“By the end of September, which is the first quarter of the 2015/16 fiscal year, 1,500 fresh graduates will be hired for various positions,” Efrem told Capital.
“This is part of our plan to fill the human resources gap in order to undertake our daily activities,” he added.
Efrem explained that the number of employees expected to be hired reflects the budget that was allocated to the authority.
“The stated number of new recruits does not include senior posts that require work experience. Additional staff will be hired for senior positions in the coming fiscal year,” Efrem added.
Beker Shale, director general for ERCA, stated in a ten-month performance report presented to parliament that the authority needs 20,533 employees to staff its offices, including the Addis Ababa City Tax Administration Office. Beker underlined that scaling up human resources is crucial to boost the authority’s performance.
Despite being understaffed, employee turnover at ERCA remains volatile. Each year, a significant number of employees leave ERCA for various reasons. Employment concerns made up the main topic of discussion at an annual staff meeting held about a year ago.
In recent years, ERCA has met its tax collection projections, becoming the primary source of finance for the country’s capital expenditure.
In the last fiscal year, which ended on July 7, the authority collected tax that exceeded its projections.
“We have surpassed expectations set by the government. In the coming weeks, we will disclose the exact amount that was collected,” Efrem noted.
In the first ten months of the 2014/15 fiscal year, ERCA had collected 97.6 billion birr, which represents 98 percent of its targeted revenue.