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The Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (FEACC) has started investigation into the case of 800kg of missed pork.
The illegal pork cargo was spotted by a Customs Officer at a checkpoint on the Addis Ababa – Adama Expressway. As is proper procedure, it was then handed over to the Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise (AAAE) in Kera for confiscation – where it was later found missing.
The pork, with an estimated value of over 200,000 birr, went missing after being moved to AAAE’s premises on July 16, 2015. FEACC started an investigation into the incident two weeks ago and is currently gathering necessary evidence to identify the persons behind the crime.
AAAE have responded to the indecent with surprise, and acted by punishing a low level worker with denial of 10 days’ salary. 
Shwealeffa Yitbarek, Acting Manager of the enterprise, told capital that AAAE is providing the necessary documents for FEACC’s investigation.
“When we heard that the pork was missing, all the administrative staff was gathered and internally investigated the issue, but we were unable to identify who committed the crime. However, we were not silent and punished those who were reluctant on coming forward with information,” he said.
The Acting Manager explained further that AAAE welcomes the investigation by the commission. “The Anti Corruption Commission recently came and told us they wanted to investigate the crime, and we welcomed that and provided documents on those who were in charge of receiving and disposing of the pork.”
The Abattoirs Enterprise has been marred in controversy of late; most recently, Efrem Desalegne, former Managing Director of AAAE was arrested on allegations of corruption along with three other high ranking members of the enterprise.
In related news, the AAAE announced that mutton (adult sheep meat) sales have brought the enterprise a 1.3 million birr loss in the first three months of the current fiscal year alone. The enterprise is worried about the loss and is forming a committee to investigate the case and adjust its marketing strategy.
Currently, 10 to 15 pigs are slaughtered for pork at the abattoir in Kera; the pork is usually sent to supermarkets and hotels throughout the city.