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The Addis Ababa Abattoirs Enterprise (AAAE) said that the city has lost more than 47 million birr in taxes due to illegal slaughtering that occurs in many parts of the city.
Currently around 3000 to 5000 live animals are slaughtered per day in which the health status of the animal, the slaughtering tools and areas may not be safe.  According to the enterprise’s recent study, there are 125 places in which mostly illegal live animal slaughter takes place.
According to the 2013 proclamation, a person who is involved in illegal slaughtering will face a fine  of 7000 birr, though there has been little done so far in applying the proclamation.
Atakelti Gebremeskiel, Public Relations Head of AAAE told the press on September 10 that illegal slaughtering is a challenge to the city’s sanitation and revenue.
“When we deliver meat to the people we are responsible for checking that it is healthy, when holidays come people buy oxen which have not been checked  and slaughter them in un-sanitized area but we should know that such practices make us vulnerable to diseases that come from the consumption of unhealthy food.”
Atakelti pointed out that there is an alternative to informal and illegal slaughtering. “We have slaughter houses that check the animals’ health, and we have the capacity to slay 2000 oxen per day and people should bring their  animals to us to get a standard slaughtering service.”
Currently, the enterprise established 58 years ago, charges 230 birr to provide oxen slaying while it charge 40 birr for sheep and goats.
He added that the Addis Ababa Regulation Enforcement Bureau should work aggressively to stop such practices in the city. “Millions of birr circulates in areas where people who slaughter pay nothing to the tax authority and that is not fair at all.  We have also seen that the animal hide is not collected from illegal slaughtering which indirectly affects the leather industry of the country.’’
In the last fiscal year AAAE collected total revenue of 173 million birr, of which slaughtering services share 63 million birr.