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The Ethiopian Energy Authority (EEA), eager to reduce the power leakage from household appliances, is to start labeling and standardizing locally made ‘Injera’ ovens based on their power consumption.
6 million birr is budgeted for the cataloging task, which will be carried out over the next 11 months.    
Currently, around 530,060 baking ovens are found in Ethiopian households, consuming 801MW  of electricity annually and taking up 60 percent the overall household power usage. This consumption rate is expected to reach 1,685MW by 2017.
Zewge Worku, an engineer in the Energy Efficiency Conservation Audit department of the EAA, told Capital that the labeling will help consumers buy power efficient products.
“We have observed that some of the machines that are sold in markets and used in homes consume excessive energy which leads to power loss. That’s why we wanted to promote more power efficient baking machines.”
EEA has called on baking oven manufacturers to get their products tagged. Zewge said, “We have had discussions with different stakeholders and have heard their feedback. What we are doing now is inviting companies that produce the baking machines to work with us, to get their products labeled voluntarily. After some time, the labeling will be mandatory as it will encourage companies to produce power efficient products.”
He added that once local energy labeling is underway, it will be continued on electrical motors imported to Ethiopia.
“We will soon start labeling all imported electrical motors based on global standards. This will also encourage the import of power efficient motors,” he said.
According to an EEA survey, from the 2260MW of energy that is distributed throughout the country, 20 percent of it is wasted before it reaches the consumer.
Birhane Kidan, an electrical engineering student at Addis Ababa University, said that more work needs to be done to raise awareness of energy conservation and use of power efficient appliances among consumers.
“Labeling and standardizing is a step forward in solving the issue of energy waste due to inefficient appliances. It is also important that people become aware and start contributing to power conservation by making better choices on their use of electrical appliances”.