Italy opens new trade office

Aiming to increase the volume of trade with Ethiopia, the Italian Embassy opened a new trade bureau that has an office in the embassy compound.

The trade promotion bureau, which is opened officially on December 11, will work to attract more investors to Ethiopia that specialize in leather, textile, metal engineering and infrastructure building. State Minister of Industry Tadesse Haile said at the opening, “the two countries have a long relation and the trade ties between then has also been increasing over time and the opening of the office will boost the relation.”
Carlo Calenda, Vice Minister for Trade at Ministry of Economic Development of Italy, also said that the bureau will create more opportunities inviting trade delegations and investors from Ethiopia and Italy to  invest in the other country. The new bureau will also work to facilitate trade ties Italy has with Djibouti, Tanzania, South Sudan, Kenya, Seychelles, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.

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