Livestock Unharnessed African treasure


The third Africa Livestock Exhibition and Congress (ALEC) that is organized by Prana Promotion will be held at the Millennium Hall from January 22 to 24.

Under the theme ‘’Africa: A Continent of Opportunity and Growth” will showcase the vast livestock potential the continent could tap into to fire up its development. 
More than 80 local and 20 international companies engaged in animal fattening, live animal trading, meat processing, dairy production and processing, feed production, poultry farming and veterinary products supply are expected to participate.
Besides the exhibition, 12 study papers will be presented on issues surrounding livestock and poultry farming.
Haileselassie Weres, Director General of Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute, said local animal keeper can learn many valuable lessons from participating companies and it also brings opportunities to grow in the industry.