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Crystal Auto Group has inaugurated a modern automotive treatment facility with new features in collaboration with international brands, at an investment cost of 16.5 million birr.
Crystal has been under preparation over the last 21 months to inaugurate the center with its international partners and potential clients, in a ceremony held on Thursday, 24 September.  The new facility is located in front of Bob Marley Square, on the road from Bole to Megenagna.
Dawit  Woubishet, Director of Crystal Auto Group, told Capital that the facility will officially commence operation on October 29. Resting on 1,500 meter square of land, the facility has the capacity to provide modern car wash services for six vehicles at a time. It also has two additional spots for oil services and modern tire repair services, according to the Director.
“We have exclusive agent agreements with European, US, Turkish and Taiwanese manufacturers and most of the products we will use are from these partners. The company is also a partner with NOC, a local oil company, for lubricant and oil services. On the other hand, we are an agent for Goodyear, the tire manufacturer,” Dawit said. 
According to the Director, the company will provide several unique services including 24 hours mobile car repair service, to be provided for members. Experts at the company stated that the vehicle that gives mobile services is fully equipped with the latest materials.
“We have further expanded into the Ethiopian automotive sector by including auto care products, automotive refinish systems, car parts and tire accessories, as well as automotive equipment in our line of products and services,” he said.
The company has installed a centralized system that can manage an oil filling scheme on air sacking technology. This system shall limit standard oil fillings on an electronic controlling system that would prevent illegal oil blending, according to experts at the facility.
The car wash facility is also environmentally friendly and cost effective, in terms of water usage. “Our facility will use one third of the water that is usually used by other car wash facilities,” Dawit explained. 
Crystal, a sister company of Wubget Business Group, has finalized its preparations to supply automotive paints and paint accessories. “We have a modern machine that can mix 20,000 paints, we also have a scanning machine that can read the color of any car and provide a code to enable the selection of the appropriate paint,” the company’s head said.
The company intends to expand with additional facilities in the outskirts of Addis Ababa for heavy trucks. “We also have plans to open branches in ten areas but due to lack of land access we shall expand the service as a franchise,” Dawit said.
Currently the facility employs 134 people, and plans to supply automotive products for other service providers.  Armorall, Kent Car Care, STP, Tuff Stuff, and Duxone are some of the company’s international partners.