‘One’ more in the bottled water industry


Abbahawa Trading PLC, a company working in coffee export and wheat flour industry introduced ‘One’, a new brand of bottled water to the Ethiopian bottled water industry. At an event held at the Sheraton Addis last Saturday, the company announced that it will open its factory, Mogel Bottled Water Manufacturing.
The factory was established with 200 million birr capital a year ago in Sebeta, South West of Addis Ababa. It rests on a 13,000sqm plot of land, and once complete will have the capacity to manufacture 14,000 bottles of water per hour.
It will draw its water from an underground water source 186m deep into Mogel Mountain.
The factory was waiting for testing and certification from Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) and Food, Medicine & Health Care Administration & Control Authority (FMHCAC) to start production. It will bottle water in different amounts, ranging from 400ml to 20litre bottles.
Enyew Zeleke, CEO of Mogel told Capital that the company plans to export its products to Djibouti and Somalia.
“We saw that there is huge demand for bottled water in Ethiopia and to meet this demand we have established the factory and named our product ‘one’, and we will soon have the certificate from the concerned body to start production.”
For a long time, bottled water was seen as a product for the elite and well-to-do individuals, but as years went by, the industry began ‘going small’ by packaging small quantities that more people could afford.
“The reason we called our product ‘one’ is because we intend to take the lead in the bottled water industry and as everybody knows, water is the first and most necessary thing for every human being.”
Mogel will create jobs for 160 people and also plans to expand its production capacity to 10,000 bottles per hour.
Currently 40 brands of bottled water are on the market in Ethiopia and as the government strives to ensure that Ethiopians access adequate safe and clean drinking water, more and more investors are up to try their hand in the billion birr industry.