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The on-going Paris climate conference will be a watershed, one way or the other. Whatever is agreed upon in Paris will have definite bearing on the future human condition/community, particularly as the important decisions start to impact on the existing greed based economic system. Paris will send a clear and perhaps final signal whether the politicos are ready/willing to address, the gravest problem humanity is facing or not. The impending environmental catastrophe are very clear and in fact have been quite clear since the launch of ‘Limits to Growth’ by the Club of Rome way back in 1972! Nonetheless, the entrenched global system has refused to relent, no matter what the consequences of climate change are or going to be in the very near future! Twenty years of climate negotiations (UN climate change conference-COP) have not come up with tangible or even promising future for humanity. At the same time a large segment of humanity hopes the climate change problematic will just go away on its own, without the destructive species (Homo sapiens) changing its ways!,
From the look of things, Paris will not deliver much in terms of binding agreements between nations. The new approach devised by team Barrack Obama at the last minute in Copenhagen (six years ago) stipulates that countries can decide to set up their own emission quotas/plans and voluntarily pursue implementation. This was not only a mere change of tactic or tone, but was a clear and dangerous departure from serious commitment to all that is life on the part of the dominant politicos. It was a major backsliding, even by the mild standard of the Kyoto Protocol. It is this new gimmick that is now at the center stage of the whole charade in Paris! With such a weak and almost futile agenda in place, coming up with some sort of an agreement to appease the gullible sheeple cannot be all that difficult. We should expect the politicos to trumpet unappetizing agreements as earth shattering/breakthrough that will arrest biosphere deterioration. We say baloney!
The stupid model of existence (unsustainable), which humanity is currently obsessed with, assumes infinite resources and limitless human capacity to deal with all kinds of problems, be they man made or God-made! It is such absurdities that drive the notion of unlimited growth or unlimited economic growth, to be more precise. This nonsense is directly/indirectly enabled by the formidably entrenched interests of the world system, in whose core reside the various industries, including whole countries that are fully engaged in the extraction of fossil fuel. But enhanced awareness of the climate issue, mostly borne of the ‘non-stop growth’ model, has made the sheeple (human mass) to gradually question the very merit of the archaic system. Obviously, abiding by the fallacious logic of the system is becoming more and more untenable. Hence, a large percentage of collective humanity is now willing to move away from the globally unsustainable trajectories of modern existence. The ever-increasing desire by entrenched dominant interests to burn the remaining fossil fuel (still buried in the ground) is bound to incinerate our blue planet. Noticeably, the new consciousness of the sheeple is starting to trouble the reigning global order that is still bent on burning the planet and destroy life and life support systems. As a result, assumed and avowed reigning principles are potentially facing an abrupt stop. In this regard, we can mention the tempered consumption pattern of the emerging millennium generation, (significantly decreased consumption=deflationary economics) which is threatening the very workings of the prevailing greed system!
Be that as it may, the real troubling climate issues, whether politicos earnestly tackle them or not, will still remain! For instance, we can ask the followings: How detailed, meaningful and implementable will the various stipulations be? Will the set of agreements be thorough and enforceable or will it just be another gimmickry to kick the can down, so to speak. Will real money be available to the poorer countries/islands to help them mitigate and adapt to the new situation that were largely brought about by the industrialized world? Will the general public/sheeple be involved? If so, in what capacity? How thorough and reliable will be the monitoring and evaluation exercise, once the voluntary agreements are signed? At the end of the day, climate change is too big an issue to be left to the interstate system and its operators, i.e., the politicos and their real bosses who operate from behind! If truth be told, it is the global sheeple that has to take up the matter of climate change seriously and work towards tangible solutions. We have to be very clear; so far, the status quo has not been part of the solution, but rather part and parcel of the problem!
As far as we are concerned, there is nothing more sacrosanct than life itself! When superficially concocted model of existence is in the way of life, it is the archaic model that must yield, not life! But some of our idiots running the world think otherwise!  If this stupidity is not rectified and rectified soon, human beings will end up the dumbest creatures on earth. Surely, ecocide cannot be a desirous end of our species. Unfortunately, the system purposely confuses the issues at stake. On one hand, it wants to discredit the climate change narrative in favor of: ‘don’t worry there is no major climatic change that is coming our way’ and the likes. To this end the incessant and massive indoctrination is taking place all over the world, compliment of polluting industries. The paid politicos, scientists, etc. must be taken for what they are, paid stooges at the service of the global oligarchs! “Among the lessons from this disastrous reputation failure, and time-wasting and money-wasting failure, must be that energy policy and infrastructure delivery is too important to be left to short-term politicians,” Professor Stuart Haszeldine of Edinburgh University. Good Day!