Raya Alamata woreda irrigates 5,100 hectares to fill food crop gaps


The Raya Alemata Agriculture and Natural Resource Office in Tigray Regional State said it is undertaking irrigation works on 5,100 hectares of land to fill food crop production gaps due to El-Nino effects.
Head of the Office, Abera Belay, said that 84 water wells are dug and 46 of them are intended to cultivate 5,100 hectares of land in the woreda. According to Abera, 32,000 residents of Raya Alamata woreda will become beneficiaries of the irrigation project.
Raya Alamata woreda has a population of 106,000 people. Out of that number, 70,000  living in Laelayudayu, Tao and Harle kebeles are affected by the drought.
So far, 12,500 quintals of wheat, 1,500 quintals of haricot bean 30,000 liters of edible oil and 6,000 quintals of animal fodder has been distributed in two rounds. Moreover, nutritious food has also been distributed for 180 children.
375 students living in the affected woredas were given 1,524 exercise books   to maintain the teaching learning process go ahead as scheduled.
(Walta Information Center)