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Scholars in the field of economics have said proper implementation of the provisions embodied in the second phase of the Growth and Transformation Plan – GTP II is decisive in the structural transformation of the nation’s economy.
The scholars from Civil Service University and the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute mentioned the affirmative impact of the GTP II in expanding the manufacturing sector and attracting more investors to the field.
Citing the current pace of progress in the various development fields, Dr. Haile Kibret, Senior Researcher at the Horn Economic and Social Policy Institute said the targets listed in the plan for the budget year can easily be achieved.
The researcher also mentioned the 24 per cent growth target in the manufacturing sector, saying it will fuel the drive towards its achievement.
The focus on its expansion and micro and small enterprises sectors will enable the manufacturing sector to take the leading position, Dr. Haile added.
“Since we are still far behind in terms of creating industries with advanced technology and big capital, it is important to give emphasis to the micro and small industry sector, especially capital and manpower development,” the researcher advised.
Assistant Professor Jamal Mohammed of the Civil Service University appreciated the growing emphasis attached to expanding infrastructure facilities across the country.
The focus on infrastructure is a clear sign encouraging Foreign Direct Investment to the country, according to the scholar.
But he reminded stakeholders of the remaining task ofcreating skilled manpower for the manufacturing sector.
The scholar also spoke of apparent possibilities in bringing structural transformation in the manufacturing sector. Meeting international standards in terms of value and quality will lead to the desired transformation, he claimed.
“It is necessary to diversify export destinations and enhance the quality and quantity of manufactured goods,” according to Assistant Professor Jamal.
The anticipated budget deficit for the fiscal year will not exceed three per cent, according to official documents, which also revealed the planned 11 per cent economic growth for the period.