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The Addis Ababa City Roads Authority (AACRA) is taking action to include stakeholders in the project evaluation process before the implementation of upcoming projects.
Early this week, the authority met with stakeholders and experts from various sectors to discuss and evaluate designs by United Consulting Engineers PLC (UNICONE), a prominent local consultancy firm.
The design is for the renovation of the Asrasement Mazoria junction, in the western part of the capital. The road connects the four main roads on the ring road, from Tor Hailoch to General Wingate and Mesalemya to Tateke Road.
Asrasement Mazoria junction, is busy with pedestrian and traffic, is a road prone to severe traffic accidents. The new design aims to alleviate traffic accidents and traffic jams in the area.
According to the Tesfaye Workineh (Eng), General Manager of UNICONE, his firm designed five options and finally submitted three shortlisted ideas to the client, AACRA.
The authority has selected the two designs; the third option was designed to prvide a short term solution, to improve the junction with improvements on traffic and safety regulations.
According to Tesfaye, the first two design options by the consultancy firm were presented at the workshop for participants from Addis Ababa University, Transport Program Bureau, consultancy firms and other technical experts.
The first design option that presented at the workshop suggested an 800 meter excavation on both the Wingate and Tor Hailoch ring road line behind the junction. At the workshop, this design expected to cost as much as 240 million birr, was deemed not feasible in terms of social, economic and environmental impact, as it will cause significant destruction on the development behind the road among other reasons.
The second option obtained more acceptance by the client. It is designed to connect the current ring road line to the Wingate line and Tor Hailoch via an overpass at the conjunction, while the Mesalemya-Tatek line will construct on the ground.
The designer said that the second design will cause less social and environmental interruption in terms of l impact. Its cost is also significantly lesser than the first one in the initial estimate.
Tesfaye said that the roughly estimated cost for the second is 170 million birr.
“Previously clients, contractor and consultant has been engaged on projects, while this kind of discussion will create more awareness between the public and the project and able to get input from other side about it,” UNICONE head appreciated the workshop.
Eight years ago UNICONE designed a related engineering work that include the 5km Abune Petros Square- Autobis Tera- Mesalemya- Asrasement Mazoria junction. A year and half ago the Abune Petros Square- Autobis Tera road project was constructed in association with the Light Railway Transit project.
UNICONE is not alien to such works; it has participated in 18 road design projects for the city in the past years. 18 years ago the consultancy firm was also involved on the first two phases of the first ring road design with British Parkman International. The two companies have designed the Megenagna-Tor Hailoch and Tor Hailoch-Wingate ring road design in two phases. UNICONE was also involved on the third and fourth phases of the ring road done recently with Renardet, a Swiss firm.