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In our world system, intentional confusion is the order of the day, particularly in the realm of politics/diplomacy and economics. In due course, this gave rise to grand ambiguity,  which has become quite common in many aspects of collective as well as individual lives. The prevailing pronouncements of the ‘deep states’ are essentially Orwellian ‘double speak’ & ‘double think’, as exemplified by such nonsenses as; ‘war is good’ or ‘bombing a country will reduce exodus or it can bring democracy to the people’! Thanks to modern informatics, the regime of manipulation (of global dominant interest) is now in tatters. As the sheeple (human mass) becomes aware of the concrete/objective reality that obtains on the ground, its unquestioned submission to the logic of the ‘deep state’ (military-intelligence-military-banking-media complex) will be increasingly challenged! 
Last week the political landscape in the UK changed noticeably. An avowed union organizer and a Marxist by inclination, was elected leader of the labor party, with margin unseen/unheard in the party’s recent history! Jeremy Corbyn campaigned, not to appease the establishment, but to deconstruct dominant interest’s lingering anti labor policies, which has been in place for about forty years, give or take some. Telling the truth about what is on the ground is already half of the solution, as far as we are concerned. The other difficult half, particularly in this case of the UK, is the task of rectifying the polarizing parasitical socio-economic regime that continues to create havoc within and outside! From the outset, the establishment tried to undermine Jeremy’s campaign by perching innuendos such as; ‘he will be a national security threat or his chance of getting elected is like 200:1’, etc., etc.! But the most important question to many of us is; what are the issues he raised that won him the post? Jeremy has always been a peace advocate and he perceives the world’s problems from that solid perspective. See Curtis’ article next column and others on pages 54, 55, 66 & 67. Secondly, he doesn’t agree with the so-called austerity program that is dispossessing the poor and enriching the wealthy (like the notorious banksters of the city, etc.). Naturally, these are the things the ‘deep state’ of the status quo, just doesn’t want to hear or see. On the other hand, these are exactly what the UK’s sheeple want to hear. Herein lies the problem!
If labor wins national election in the near future, then Jeremy’s presence will certainly spell trouble to the reigning hegemon itself, as the UK is its staunchest ally. Not so surprisingly, the hegemon itself is also undergoing its own version of rude awakening. The Republican Party is facing a daunting task. Its rank and file members don’t  seem to be in the mood of electing establishment candidates, i.e., those who have been under the tutelage of the entrenched oligarchs! Certainly Mr. Trump himself belongs to the oligarchy, but he doesn’t seem to be on the inside track, as such. Many consider him to be a bit of a clown or an entertainer of a sort. Granted, he is quite prone to trumpeting Trump Inc. and his dubious wealth, nonetheless, voters seem to like his unpolished brash approach to issues as well as his abrasive personality, so long as they rattle the cozy enclaves of established politicos! In regards to his principles/worldview and policies, particularly as they pertain to the critical issues of our times, they need to be elevated. There are a whole lot of other shortcomings in regards to candidate Trump, but we won’t bother with them at this point in time!
A similar scenario is also taking place within the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has always been the odd man out in the US Congress. This independent senator from Vermont who unashamedly call himself a ‘social democrat’ has also started to rock the boat, while the establishment candidate Hilary Clinton is receding in the polls. All in all, voters seem to be quite disgusted about the politicians who run the country. The broad enthusiasm voters displayed in the last two elections, when candidate Obama promised heaven only to deliver scorched earth in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, etc., as soon as he pocketed the Nobel Peace Prize,  has now vanished! It seems current voters want to take it out on the closely connected establishment candidates that are sanctioned by the ‘deep state’. Given the preview so far, the 2016 US electioneering promises to be an entertaining jamboree.
Amidst all the gerrymandering of Western electioneering, some ascending powers have started to take a more assertive and democratic route, in trying to solve the critical problems humanity faces. With all their faults, Russia and China seem to be more in tune with the myriad anxieties of the global sheeple than the callous deep states of the West that continues to worship on the altar of the material god. It is because of their newfound attitude, which is gradually wining support, the western establishment is rushing to label Russia and to some extent China (subtly) dangerous pariah states of the world order. Their approach of peaceful engagement, consisting of dialogue amongst adversaries, as well as the direct participation of those that have always been at the receiving end of misguided policies of the powerful (Kurds, et al), is encouraging. The Syrian issue, Ukraine, Yemen and others can potentially benefit from such a refreshing approach! See Assad’s interview on page 38.
At the end of the day, the purpose of society is humanity itself, the rest is just paraphernalia. Unfortunately, this has been lost on many a functionary of the deep state, leading to confused thinking about all and sundry. Unlike previous eras, the sheeplecan easily access facts and figures on a timely basis. This has gradually brought clarity to its thinking. As the sheeple makes the transition from confusion to clarity, TPTB (the power that be) must take note of changing situations, worldwide. Here is a desperate uttering from the inner circle of once an aspiring but now defunct empire: “Everything is rotten. It has to be changed.”Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze of the USSR (to General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev-1985.) Good Day!