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Total Ethiopia and the Federal Road Transport Authority launched the Djibouti Corridor Road Safety Awareness Scale up Program, aiming to reduce road traffic accidents through providing trainings to drivers.
“In addition to the destruction of life and property, traffic accidents also tarnish the good image the country is working hard to build. Solving this problem should not be a task only undertaken by the government, but by everyone,” said, Director General of the Federal Transport Authority.
The “Thirty days Djibouti Corridor Road Safety Awareness” Campaign for heavy truck drivers is a project initiated by Total Ethiopia and the Ethiopian government to reduce the number of road transport accidents along the corridor. The project is in line with the Government’s agenda to curb road transport accidents.
Managing Director of Total Ethiopia, Lassina Toure stated that Total Ethiopia focuses on ensuring its operations in over130 countries consistently deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. Initiating traffic safety awareness programs in Ethiopia is part of this broader aim.
“Road accidents are a frequent cause of death, especially in Ethiopia where the problem is severe. The main causes of this high fatality rate are the lack of road safety education and favorable traffic conditions, as well as speed. That’s the reason why Total Ethiopia has decided to show its commitment regarding road safety,” Toure said.
Seven companies: Derba Cement, Seid Yassin Transport, BGI Ethiopia, Ambo Water, Meta-DIAGEO, Lucy and Nile Insurances, have also supported the realization of the program.
A successful pilot of the program had already run in April this year, holding training sessions that lasted for five days. 533 heavy truck drivers using the Djibouti corridor attended the sessions. The project will now be scaled up in other selected locations with trainings to be carried out, effective December 21, 2015.