Mebrhatu Sisay


Name: Mebrhatu Sisay
Education: MA in Accounting and Finance
Company name: MS Ventilation
Studio title: Owner and General Manager
Founded: 2011
What it does: Producing and selling ventilators
HQ: Lebu Hanamariam
Number of employees: 12
Startup capital: 30,000 birr
Current capital: 3.5 million birr
Reason for starting business: To substitute the import of ventilators
Biggest perk of ownership: Self management and ability to use my potential
Biggest strength: I am committed to my work
Biggest weakness: I don’t have many weaknesses
Biggest worry: Patent violations
Favorite task: Working
Challenging task: None
Plan: To open a bigger ventilation production company
First career: University lecturer
Most interested in meeting: Tekleberhan Ambaye
Most admired person: Bill Gates
Stress reducer: Watching movies and spending time with friends
Favorite pastime: Working
Favorite book: Dertogadda by Yismhake Worku
Favorite film: The Fugitive
Favorite destination: Lalibela
Favorite automobile: Toyota RAV4