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The Ethiopian Petroleum Organization has stated that allegations stating there is a shortage of oil supply in Addis Ababa are baseless. Some oil stations stated there is a shortage of Benzene supply but the organization noted that there is enough deposit and more is being imported from abroad.
Petroleum supply and Sales General Manager with the Organization, Abayneh Awol, said most of the Benzene need is imported from Sudan. He reminded that the import was delayed last month due to maintenance works on oil purifying machine in Sudan. But the organization was filling the gap to prevent possible shortage of supply in the meantime, he added.
Petroleum storage and Operation department head, Abebaw Dagnew, on his part indicated that the government is working with utmost commitment to prevent any possible shortage of supply in the country. He reiterated that there is no shortage of supply in the market at present.
The shortage might temporary happen due to lack of coordination between distributors and gas stations, he noted. The distributors should timely supply the needed amount of petroleum to the stations, he underscored.
Ethiopia imports 24 thousand metric tons of Benzene and from 150 thousand up to 170 thousand tons of gasoline every month from Sudan and other markets via Djibouti.
(Walta Information Center)