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Kerase Gar Negeger or “Speaking with Oneself” is singer and songwriter, Samuel Berhanu’s debut album.  Also known as Sami-Dan by his fans, the album, produced by Blue Media, the company best known for organizing Taste of Addis Food Festival and Addis Beer Fest, is expected to be released for the Ethiopian Easter.

Although he had passion for music since his earlier years, Samuel attended university and graduated from Addis Ababa University in Construction Technology and Management. His music career began when he was in high school, playing in a band called Eldan for five years. When he joined college, he quit the band and focused on his academic studies but nurtured his creativity by writing songs.
After graduating from college, he joined Hasset Acoustic Band and played for three years. With Hasset, he had the opportunity to be part of Sydney Solomon’s Imperial Majestic Band and played there for a year.
In 2014 Sami-Dan started his own band, Zewd Acoustic, and in that year also released a four-song promotional CD. His singles Anchi Yene and Shegitu got overwhelmingly positive feedback on radio and online. His band has also played in the city’s major festivals, corporate events and also booked residency gigs in hotels and clubs in Addis.
His debut reggae album Kerase Gar Negeger has 13 tracks with few songs composed in different genres. Sami-Dan sings about his journey, experiences and views of life as well as topics of public concern.