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Warfare is one chronic societal deficiency that flares up from time to time. This phenomenon is quite difficult if not impossible to stop or control altogether on a permanent basis. Hence, the art and science of warfare are/have been ongoing preoccupations of the dominant prowling primate–Homo sapiens! No matter how much we humans are enlightened about the precarious nature of life on this irreplaceable blue planet or its very rarity in the whole universe (at least in the part of the universe that is seemingly susceptible to our understanding), our craving to wage wars (at the slightest provocation), with the explicit desire of inflicting incalculable damage to life, property and nature is one of our demented characteristics! Even a cursory survey of human and natural history conclusively validates this inherent destructiveness of the (uprightly) walking monkey, whatever its color! Unfortunately, the usual chest thumbing of this hairless ape is, once again, becoming visibly dangerous.
The core principles around which societies are organized can also give impetus to wars, particularly given our inherent proclivity for irresponsible competition. Greed based societies, which currently are the predominant form of collective existence, are quite prone to waging impulsive destructions left and right, mostly on the account of incessant drive for continuous accumulation. In our global societies, wars can be waged under various pretexts using both violent and non-violent means of destruction!. To pacify this built-in weakness of humanity, the social system that is operating (in a particular place) must be acutely aware of factors/sentiments that bluntly encourage and propel confrontations. This is where substantive ideology comes in. Parroting ideology as if it were only some kind of superficial political construct is and has always been a non-starter and in fact was the Achilles hill of the various ‘socialisms’ (Marxist, Shavian, etc.) of the recent past. Ideology, first and foremost, must be value laden and value driven. It must start from respect, both of the self and the non-self, i.e., anything that physically or tangibly exists outside of the individual. Allowing benefit of a doubt to all and sundry opens up the mind, which of course is the very beginning of discourse.
The sanctity of all lives, respect for different cultures, ethnicities, races, or in other words, nature in its totality; the sovereignty of nations, etc. are the real issues that are at stake today. These ingrained human values come with the territory, i.e., from being a thinking social animal.
The important resistant battles that are being waged across the globe are essentially to assert the above principles on a daily basis. The other side of the battle front is occupied by dead labour- capital! Capital worshipping societies of our modern world system are not particularly sensitive to what is going on inside the collective human psyche! The status quo seems to assume that almost all solutions to thorny and protracted confrontational issues must be resolved by resorting to be ‘barrel of the gun’, to use an outdated adage of Mao. Keeping current, perhaps this saying should be modified to ‘bombing countries to stone age’! This is what the current empire is willing to do to have its ways! Isn’t there a way out of the war quagmire?
Before we even start entertaining such fantasies, we need to get rid of all psychopaths from positions of power and responsibility! These people are naturally incapable of empathy and emotions, which are the gluing force of various human bondages that ultimately help to facilitate societal cohesion and cooperation. Even though psychopaths/sociopaths only number less than 5% of the world’s population, their potential destructive power is unimaginably huge, particularly given the myriad technical gizmos that are easily available in the world. No matter; these individuals must be kept at arms length! Other parasitic elements of society must also be relegated to minor positions/occupations, if humanity wants to avoid catastrophic warfare. In this category, we can easily include plenty of the so-called professions that directly or indirectly serve the cause war (banks, etc.).
Nations should try to uphold basic human rights/dignity, even amidst all the ongoing/lingering evils (mostly as a consequence of greed based economic system) citizen face on a daily basis, at whatever cost! At the level of the individual animal, dignity remains paramount! If one tramples with it, we are sure to have wars of all sorts. The rich and powerful can field thousands of people with the latest killing gadgets, while the poor and powerless resort to ‘terror’. As they say: “Terrorism is war on a budget.” Good Day!