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The December 2015 Consumer Price Index (CPI) report from the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) indicates that food inflation continues to rise, as non-food inflation remains stagnant for the past two months.
According to the report, food inflation in December 2015 has increased by 12.1 percent since December 2014. In November and October 2015, food inflation was at11.7 and 11.1 percent respectively, rising by a further 0.4 percent in December. 
The increase is part of an overall increase in inflation with food CPI observed in December 2015 standing at 145.5 percent, greater than the corresponding 129.9 percent food CPI observed in December 2014.There was a slight decline in prices of some cereals, pulses, vegetables and spices, especially whole peppers, which had a significant hike over the rainy season.
The country’s general inflation is back to double digits, a disappointing regression from government’s successful policy measures in the past, which kept the rate within the range of single digits. General inflation rose by 10.0 percent in December 2015, as compared to the same period a year ago.
A month ago, the general inflation rates tood at 9.9 percent; the inflation rate was subsiding beginning from October 2014 but started its upward trend again in May 2015.
“The 10.1 percent rise in the General inflation rate is due to the fact that the general CPI of 145.9 percent observed in December 2015 was higher than the corresponding 132.6 percent general CPI observed in December 2014,” the report elaborated.
In the beginning of the first Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP I) inflation had registered significant increase and reached 40 percent, but had remained within single digits over the past few years.
The report stated that the 12 months moving average inflation rate shows the longer-term inflationary pressure.