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The Ethiopian Energy Authority (EEA) said it will start giving labels to refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves and electric motors that are energy efficient. The certification is intended to encourage consumers to use appliance s that use less energy. 
Electrical appliances that meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements will be given quality assurance labels. Equipments that use up more power will be banned. The authority said it will soon begin inspection to sort out machines that causes power drainage.     
This round of the project particularly focuses on appliances that are widely used in residential houses like stoves, refrigerators and air conditioners, says Zewge Worku, an engineer in the Energy Efficiency Conservation Audit department of the energy authority. 
All newly imported refrigerators should bear manufacturer labels that attest that they are energy efficient, according to the authority’s requirement. The labels should indicate how much energy a refrigerator or freezer uses per year and it should give star rating to allow buyers compare the equipment with other refrigerators of the same size and type for energy efficiency. 
“Energy labels are very useful for consumers because when you buy an appliance you are also servicing it by paying for the energy it is using,” Zewge said. 
“We will label products according to their energy consumption which is beneficial both to importers and consumers the same to go for less energy consuming appliances.’’
Zewge said that giving quality certification becomes mandatory due to mass importation of devices that intensively use power. 
He said the cataloging is a multifaceted project that bids to reduce power wastage. He said the  energy that is generated currently is not sufficient enough to light up all houses and using devices that need less power is one of the alternatives to save energy.   
Zewge added that intensive advocacy must be done to convince people to opt for energy efficient equipments.
However, some electrical engineers are skeptical that the labeling will increase the price of refrigerators.
Abel Taye who is an en electrical engineer said, ‘’the labeling is good to economize power consumption but people might have a hard time to afford energy efficient refrigerators as their  price is expected to escalate.”
The authority had previously begun with a similar project that focuses on locally manufactured ovens that are used to make Injera. The authority said it is in the final stages to give the labeling to these locally made electrical devices that are commonly used in households.