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The highly anticipated Gumma Film Award is around the corner! As one of the film industry’s most well organized award events, Gumma honors and acknowledges actors/actresses, directors, writers and producers works. This year will be the 3rd time the event is to be held, making it a strong and singular platform for public exposure and recognition in the film industry.
This year, 93 films participated in nominations and out of those 26 were presented to a jury of 120 persons; the 26 films competed in 17 categories.
The lists of nominees are already in, and can be found below:
Best Actress Nominees
Edelwork Tassew for her role in “Fikeren Laden”, Etsehiwot Abebe in “Ke Eletat”, Kalkidan Tebebu in “Mistane Kemugn”, Helen Bedelu in “Ye arada lij” and Lidya Moges in “Lamba”.
Best Actor Nominees
Girum Ermias in “Lamba”, Girum Zenebe in “Hareyet”, Tariku Berhanu “Wondeme Yakob”, Solomon Bogale in “Aleme” and Dereje Demeke in “And Jegna”.
Best Supporting Actress Nominees
Segen Yefter in “Mistane Kemuge”, Addis Alem in “Yewodedu Semon”, Fikerte Dessalnge in “Bemengede Lay” and Arsema Abaynhe in “Lamba”.
Best Supporting Actor Nominees
Kassahun Fisaha in “And Jegna”, Mekonnen Lake in “Yefeker Tera”, Eyob Dawit in “Ye Arada Lij”, Alemayhu Belayneh in “Yegeter Lij” and Abebe Wolde in “Aleme”.
Organized by Ethio Film PLC, the award night will be held on February 29 with a red carpet event and of course featuring, several other films nominated in more categories. Before and after the big night, there will side events such as an orientation night for the nominees as well as workshops held by award winners.
Promoting the award event, the Gumma team has and continues to maintain an interactive social media presence on facebook and twitter with fans expressing their opinions on their favorite and not so favorite actors and films. The award will also be awarding the public participants with tickets to the award night and maybe even a trip abroad.