Ethio-telecom completes majority of network expansion projects


Ethio-telecom said it has finalized most of the network expansion projects underway in various parts across the country to offer quality service to the community.
The company has been implementing short- and long-range plans to address problems with network quality.
“Most of the expansion project has been completed and began rendering service,” Abdurahim Ahmed, Corporate Communication Directorate Director at Ethio-telecom told FBC.
Besides, due attention has been given for fixed telephone line expansion to reduce the load on mobile telephone networks.
In order to increase the fixed line access, the company charges only 41 birr a month for local fixed to fixed line calls in addition to providing a handset for free, according to the director.
The company also allows clients to enjoy a 1800 minutes call with a monthly fee of 44 birr by offering wireless handset phone for free. Registration and service fee has also been canceled, he said.
(Fana Broadcasting Corporate)