New yellow pages service launched

A new online business directory, Et Yellow Pages, was officially launched on Thursday, January 4, 2016, by CommLink Business Solutions Service PLC. The online business directorate also comes as a smart phone app for IOS and Android devices which the company says makes it even more user friendly.
The directory doesn’t only list business but also addresses of different organizations and government institutions. The service is said to make doing business easy and smooth as it allows users to connect with customers, manufacturers, supplies and distributers.
“Launching this service was very challenging; starting from getting the business license to getting companies information. When we were processing the business license, we were informed that this particular service sector did not exist so we had to list as an advertisement agency, like other companies had to do,” said Nejat Mohammed, Managing Director of CommLink.
Currently the website has had 7 million views and the company plans to increase that number to 20 million views in three months time. So far 12,000 businesses from all over the country have registered their information in the directory.
“Any company can login on the website and register their contact information themselves. It takes 24 hours for the information to be uploaded for users to see, this is because our team must first verify the information entered by the companies is accurate,” Nejat said.
Besides listing the addresses of businesses, organizations as well as government institutions, the platform also enables those that list their addresses to register list of their products, services and post pictures. The companies are also easily able to edit their information in case of change of address or any other need base. 
The service is completely free and CommLink expects to generate its revenue from advertisement spaces it sells on the website.

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