Bisrat Tsegaye

Name: Bisrat Tsegaye
Education: Diploma in Leather Craft
Company name: DC Leather


Studio title: Owner and manager
Founded in: 2013
What it does: Makes leather bags and purses
HQ: Around Asko
Number of employees: One
Startup capital: 2,800 birr
Current capital: 15,000 birr
Reason for starting business: Driven by the interest in leather crafting
Biggest perk of ownership: Time freedom
Biggest strength: I am a hard worker
Biggest weakness: Finance management
Biggest worry: Strong competition and small market
Favorite task: Making purses and student bags
Challenging task: Working on the machines
Plan: Engaging in a different business
First career: Juice house owner
Most interesting in meeting: Writer and producer Bisrat Gemechu
Most admired person: Bisrat Gemechu
Stress reducer: Relaxing with friends
Favorite pastime: Watching films
Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite film: Rebuni
Favorite destination: Bahir Dar
Favorite automobile: Toyota RAV 4

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