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Quality of Condo partition under review


The Addis Ababa Housing Development Housing Project Office plans to study materials in order to find another option from the agro stone it currently uses to construct partition in condos.

Agro stone is made up of Magnesium Sulphate, red soil, and volcanic rock. The technology comes from China because it is cheaper than cement and concrete.
However the material is highly sensitive to water and light and as a result there have been some issues so the agency is looking for another option. The new study, which involves Walta Information Center, will look for a consultant with Agro Stone Factory which was set up during the administration of Mayor Arkebe Oqubay at a cost of 16 million birr.
“We have the cost of some condo partitions double, and we want to help people save money,” he said.

. . . the material is highly sensitive to water and light and as a result there have been some issues

“We will investigate to find out why people change the agro stone and choose other materials and then we will consult with the factory so see if the quality can be improved,” he added. In related news the agency announced some condo houses which were given out in a lottery August 6, will be completed by the new Ethiopian year.
“In some condos fixing the sink for bathroom and wash basin need to be completed, but we will fix it while the winner of the bid completes paperwork with the banks and land deed bureau,’’ he added.

In the 11th condo lottery draw a total of 39,429 houses were given out in which 23,016 houses are in the 10/90 program while 14,516 houses were in the 20/80 program located in Kilinto, Ledaeta, Kirkos, Bole Arabsa, Ledeta, and Bole Ayat.
In the last 25 years more than 175,000 house were awarded in a lottery but more than one million people of Addis are waiting for condos which are late to be delivered