Capital Ethiopia Newspaper


One of the main operating principles behind the current polarizing globalization is systemic deceit! Lying seems to be an approved even celebrated behavior of almost all captured institutions/individuals in the prevailing modernity. States and corporations lie effusively. Even non-profit civil society organization including religious ones have installed perverted incentives to keep on lying, though not as profusely as the state and the market. The main reason for this nonsensical obsession is; the whole edifice of reigning globalization can hardly survive ‘the honest truth’, if it is enunciated freely!

Problems in our biosphere; ocean acidification, climate change/warming, fresh water shortages, top-soil erosion, extinction of species, etc. etc. are all dire facts of 21st century reality that came about, mostly due to modern man’s shallowly construed and aggressively pursued nature-manipulating mission, especially in the last three centuries. The existing polarizing globalization doesn’t want to acknowledge these massive problems, which of course are threatening to decimate life, particularly complex lives like humans. Since attracting significant attention around these issues can potentially initiate global mass movements that can thwart off many of the dangerous activities sinisterly implemented by destructive capital and its greed infested human operators, the ruling order has opted to ban ‘the honest truth’ literally from all meaningful socio-economic discourse. The unwritten law of dominant interest is to continuously divert and avert all incipient grass root interrogations in regards to the moral foundation of reigning globalization. Be that as it may, social harmony can only flourish where there is respect for the truth/facts as well as reverence to all lives. Our stupefying globalization (we are forced to continuously suffer) packed with useless trinkets and numbing phony social relations can neither bring happiness nor peace to humanity, to say nothing about physical sustainability!

Without a doubt, globalization has benefited those with plenty of capital. In the current global arrangements, capital is worshipped as if it were the only god (even by the marginalized sheeple; always at the short end of the stick) and is allowed to roam around destroying the biosphere and extracting non-renewable resources as if there is no tomorrow. Consequences are already obvious, but the analyses behind the real causes always fall short, and intentionally so. Entrenched interests, always shoot down initiatives that try to expose our current (global) unsustainable reality. The nation-states serve as the main tools of this lying and life destroying global socio-economic regime. The various so-called ‘enlightenment’ institutions of the modern world system (universities, etc.) seem to have only one obsession/objective; to make sure plenty of learned drones come out of the mill thoroughly indoctrinated so that they cannot challenge the destructive behavior of dominant capital. In all of these institutions, inquisitiveness is a highly discouraged exercise, while stupidity even criminality (in its more subtle forms) is highly facilitated. ‘Leadership’ is now associated with the defining characteristics of psychopaths/sociopaths! Recent studies have pointed out there are a lot more dangerous psychopaths/sociopaths in politics and business than anywhere else, save the prisons and mental institutions. The only difference between these celebrated criminals and their fellow travelers in prison/asylum, is the ‘level of intelligence’! The prevailing global system run by psychopaths/sociopaths has negated the inviolable nature of life. Almost by definition, psychopaths/sociopaths are compulsive liars and unfortunately this condition is not curable.

Life as the essence of humanity is being challenged by our techno-complex and brutally alienating social reality. For example, simpletons in power have always considered the use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) in their confrontational scenarios, as if consequences of such actions would be manageable. Unless such conscious-devoid cretins are removed from power, political/economic or otherwise, the sheeple (human mass) is bound to undergo its own inevitable destruction. Up to now, the sheeple still remains rather subdued, muzzled by the bread and circus strategy of the nation states. Hiding facts (from the sheeple) and substituting fictions instead, seems to be the constant preoccupation of states. ‘False flags’ to excite the sheeple into complete submission, is one trick that has been used almost non-failingly by the sickos. States and their various agencies purposely and routinely destroy/blow up something and pronto; the sheeple is mobilized to all kinds of idiotic actions. It is the works of well-paid manipulators of the human mind that are hard at work here. During the times of the Nazis (WWII) the criminal leaders intentionally burned the German parliament (Reichstag fire) to entice the gullible sheeple into the most destructive war in the history of humanity, at least up to now!

Luckily, things are not all well in the land of globalization. People from all walks of life have started to ask pertinent questions. At the same time neither the politicos nor the oligarchs (who rule the world in collaboration on behalf of the sheeple, even in the so-called electoral democracies), don’t seem capable of answering the persisting queries, certainly not convincingly. As a result, traditional political parties in the west are in trouble, along with states in the peripheries and semi-peripheries of the system. Notice the deep state’s bantering with Mr. Trump, Mr. Corby (UK labor leader), Madame Le Pen, etc. The machination of the deep state is visibly faltering and different opinions/options are being presented by entities that have not been vetted by establishment politics. Moreover, the model of social existence epitomized by the west is becoming increasingly unrealizable elsewhere in the world system, numbing rhetoric aside. Reasons abound; limits to growth, alienating social existence, etc. Non-stop economic growth, on which the whole edifice of current globalization is erected, is nothing more than pure fantasy or putting it more bluntly, unmitigated farce. How is infinite growth possible in a world of finite resources? Why is it our so-called learned individuals/institutions continuously fail to ask such basic survival driven questions, particularly, in light of inherent human limitations and finiteness of planetary resources? The answer is simple–deceit!

Blindly pursuing ambitions that cannot be realized is stupid and ultimately futile. Technology is also not so omniscient enough to save the world system, entrenched interest’s bs not withstanding. In fact, there is a genuine need to limit the ‘techno-sphere’ as it has already overshot its boundary! If technology and its self-propelling dynamic is not tempered, it might end up eliminating life on earth sooner than later, particularly as some of its destructive products are now in the hands of proven psychos! We wholeheartedly subscribe to the axiom of the dystopian writer: “In time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell. Good Day!