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The Council Of Ministers approved a new civil code regulation manual that will change some of the legal trends in the country.

The manual developed by the Federal Attorney General will be effective as of the current budget year. It will prohibit public institutions from getting into legal battles to solve disputes with each other.

Mulugeta Ayalew, deputy Attorney General, said that previously government offices would go to court to settle their disputes with other government offices. “With the new manual it will no longer be allowed,” he said.

The manual includes public enterprises.

Government offices and public enterprises have to inform the government legal office when they seal any deal with an external body.

If government offices agree to a contract worth up to five million birr, they should inform and get a consultation from branches in the sub cities and Dire Dawa City Administration branch.

The Attorney General Head Office has to provide a consultation and be informed about the deal worth more than five million birr, according to the deputy Attorney General.

“If the public institution and public enterprises bypass the rule they will be responsible for any bad consequence,” he added

In the past trend public institutions and enterprises have faced problems in legal battles because there was no preconditions that forced them to get a consultation from the Attorney General, who replaced Ministry of Justice a few months ago.

“We have experienced that different government bodies approached the legal body for consultation when they faced problems,” he added.

They come only when they have a problem, which has affected the interest of the government. When it observed they face a problem due to the deals or the contracts have  deficiencies.

“But the new procedure helps the government bodies to make sound agreements in terms of the legal aspects,” he explained.

The Attorney General office has targeted to facilitate trainings for legal department officers at the government offices about the new manual.

The government legal body has also disclosed that it will establish branch offices in regional towns that will follow the interest of the federal government.

Under the new proclamation the Federal Attorney General is responsible for managing the legal issues that were managed by different offices like Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority and the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission.