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Criminal charges filed against MoFEC staff over IFMIS

Mulugeta Ayalew, Deputy Attorney General

The Los Angeles based IT firm Transnational Computer Technology (TCT) filed criminal charges against staff of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation (MoFEC) under the claim that it was mistreated against the procurement and trade practice and consumer protection law.

According to sources, the company filed its claim to the Federal Office of Attorney General, who recently restructured the office to manage legal cases of public interest.

Sources at the Company told Capital that TCT has disclosed its claim for MoFEC and relevant government officials.

Capital has reported that the company filed its claim for the Public Procurement and Property Administration Agency (PPPAA) about the latest rollout bid opening for the Integrated Financial Management Information Systems (IFMIS).

Even though sources are unaware of who is accused on the charge, it is related to the bid process that attracted four consortiums.

According to sources, the company has arguments with the bid process and it explained to officials of the ministry.

Sources said that its allegation was filed to the Attorney General and it included that the ministry officials were involved in a biased bid process, abusing power, and creating unfair competition in the process.

Mengistu Araya, a representative of TCT, a company formed by the Ethiopian Diaspora based in US, declined to give any details about his company’s charge against MoFEC officials.

According to the Attorney General Establishment proclamation, the prosecutor’s power from the Federal Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission, Ethiopian Revenue and Tax Authority and Trade Practice and Consumer Protection Authority has been transferred to the Attorney General.

Capital sources stated that PPPAA is evaluating the TCT claim.

The rollout of IFMIS will be implemented in 125 federal public offices. The bid that opened on August 4 has attracted only four bidders from the total 30 who bought the document.

According to the price offer of the latest bid that opened two weeks ago a consortium belonging to Techno Brain Tanzania offered about USD 19 million and the ERP Software consortium offered USD 74 million.

The other two consortiums belonging to the Tech Mahindra and Verveko offered USD 22.5 million and USD 60 million respectively.

IFMIS is an automated method that enhances efficiency in planning, budgeting, procurement, expenditure management and reporting in government offices. It is the latest budget management system that applied under the government and the private sector in the developed world.

TCT has implemented the pilot IFMIS project in nine federal and regional offices in 2010 and it has been responsible for the recurrent service until 2015.

TCT has applied this system in other African countries including Kenya and Nigeria and it has also awarded by Malawi and Sudan governments to undertake the same system.