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Doraleh Multi Purpose Port’s heavy equipments arrive at Djibouti

Arrival of Doraleh Multi Purpose Port’s heavy equipments at Djibouti

The first batch of heavy equipment for first phase of the giant Doraleh Multi-Purpose Port (DMP) arrived early this week at Djibouti.

The heavy equipments that shipped from Shanghai, China early July to the under construction new port at the major logistics hub of Ethiopia.

Saad Omar Guelleh, Director General of Port of Djibouti SA (PDSA)

“Today, it is with immense joy that we met here in Djibouti and in particular inside the DMP to celebrate the arrival of these machines which helps increase productivity and performance of our port platform,” Saad Omar Guelleh, Director General of Port of Djibouti SA (PDSA), said at the ceremony held  on Tuesday August 16.

The equipments that produced by Zhenhua Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) have 12 Portal Cranes, 2 new cranes, RMG units and other adequate equipments, according to the Director General.

According to the test period and commissioning of these machines is estimated at 1 month.

“The DMP will play a leading role in the economic development of Djibouti and will provide potential customers with quality services in various sectors of maritime transport activities. The new terminal is expected to provide world-class service for container and general cargo (vehicle, break-bulk, dry bulk and others),” Saad Omar Guelleh said.

The event has been hailed as a crucial turning point for the DMP, expected to commence operation within few months.

Port of Djibouti SA (PDSA) and ZPMC entered last generation equipment procurement contract on November 30, 2014 in Shanghai with the later serving as the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company for the construction of Doraleh Multi-Purpose Port, Djibouti.

ZPMC are participating in the construction of the new port as EPC contractor supplying the first part of equipments as 12 units of portal cranes, 2 units of rail mounted gantry crane (RMG), 2 units of quay cranes with mobile machineries.

Located in the horn of Africa, and close to international channels, Djibouti is placed at a point where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean and supporting the transportation of imports and exports of Ethiopia.

DMP will be equipped with modern equipment, and will accommodate 100,000 dwt vessels.  This is to reinforce service quality and to be a part of supporting Ethiopian & regional demand. by the fact the geographical location of Doraleh Multipurpose Port provides a naturally deep With a large quay of depth and 6 berths (to reach 15 berths in the second phase) at 16 to 18 meters on the first phase, the DMP will serve any conventional cargo vessels and related services. It will be linked to road and rail transport in order to develop an integrated transport and economic corridor.

The General Manager of Port of Djibouti SA said “ This new port will enable us to have the comparative and competitive advantages compared to ports in the region,  it symbolizes the realization of the enlightened political and visionary to the President of  Djibouti  Ismail Omar Guelleh”.