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Local company nabs water treatment project in largest condo area

(L) Tesfalem Bayu and Rezene Ayalew

The Water and Sanitation Development and Rehabilitation Project Office, under the Addis Ababa Water and Sewerage Authority (AAWSA), has awarded a 700 million birr waste water treatment plant project to the biggest condo site in the city.

On Friday August 19 the project office signed a contract agreement with the local Tsemex Global Enterprise plc and the Dutch based Landustrie Sneek BV to undertake the high tech waste water treatment plant at Koye Fetche condo site.

Koye Fetche can accommodate 50,000 households and around 250,000 residents are expected to live there based on a calculation of five residents under a single household.

The two companies have worked on similar projects. According to Rezene Ayalew, Managing Director of Tsemex, his company has worked at 15 universities.

Tsemex is also has accomplished five waste water treatment projects in five condo sites in Addis Ababa last year.

Landustrie has also been a partner of Tsemex in the electro mechanical sector.

According to the contract agreement, the companies will accomplish the plant within a year.

Tesfalem Bayu, head of the project office, said that the facility will be able to treat 20,000 cubic meters of waste water.

In general the waste water treatment plant that will be erected at the site has a capacity to treat 33,000 meter cube. He said that CGCOC, a Chinese company is already undertaking the treatment plant that has a capacity to treat 13,000 meters cube of waste water.

“Totally we will construct three waste water treatment plants at Koye Fetche,” Tesfalem said.

Tsemex is the only local company that participated in the bid. The company owner also claimed that it is the only local company that has worked on similar projects in Ethiopia.

Even though Landustrie is prominent in Asia, North America and Europe, it is first time for the company to come Africa.

Tsemex has been working with the German engineering giant Bilfinger SE for the implementation of waste water treatment plants in 15 universities, while it has also worked with a Portuguese company, Moinhos Agua e Ambiente, for the project at condo sites in Addis Ababa.

According to Etsegenet Tesfaye, Public Relation head of AAWSA, the authority is undertaking a study to manage the treated water from the treatment plants.