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The whole world is mindlessly marching to perdition. The major pillars supporting the existing modern world system (political, economic, cultural, military, etc.) are collapsing. The current economic regime that goes by the name neoliberalism, overarched by the prevailing polarizing globalization systemically underwrites almost all other socio-economic superstructures and derivatives. Unfortunately, countries (all over the world) have endorsed, willy-nilly, this unsustainable global order, which dictates (directly or indirectly) policies within each nation state. Even the so-called developmental states (those that try to mitigate the effects of polarizing globalization) are facing difficulties. African countries must rethink this imposed trajectory that has brought them increased/intensified conflicts, generalized instability and continental pauperization!

The globalized economic system that was touted to bring prosperity to all and sundry ended up enriching the few at the expense of the many. The current ‘Africa Rising’ narrative intentionally incorporates ‘legalized stealing’ and ‘bad governance’ spearheaded by oligarchs (domestic and foreign) facilitated by manipulators within the state apparatus. The sheeple (human mass) is goaded to celebrate the stealing of its own resources and the blatant maladministration of its government in the name of growth. The developmental states have not been all that immune to these combined destabilizing forces. Entrenched interests, including the political goons and their oligarchs, preach the worn out propaganda that the visibly polarizing system is heaven on earth, while on the ground the sheeple becomes increasingly marginalized and disfranchised. When frustration finally takes over the imagination of the angry sheeple, the reigning politicos respond by crying foul in an embarrassingly pathetic and unconvincing way. In this regard, Ethiopia must seriously reconsider its current trajectory that is giving rise to ground swelling grievances on all fronts! The never-ending promise to radically reform lopsided governance, including heightened corruption, if and when it comes, might end up being just ‘too little to late’, as we have been warning for almost a decade!

The roughshod plundering of Africa’s resources can only bring chaos, sooner than later. From South Sudan to Nigeria, from Angola to Niger, from South Africa to Libya, from Congo to Guinea, etc., etc. the general pattern of massive resource exploitation repeats itself time and again, fuelling conflict and destabilization. Peace and stability requires plenty of good governance based on ethical and moral grounds and not only on the ‘letter of the law’, especially when entrenched interests themselves are the ones writing these very laws! In fact, Africa’s spiraling gangsterism, sustained by looting oligarchs in cahoots with the psychopathic administrative elites, systemically leverages the old vacuous trick; ‘rules and regulations’, so that hidden criminality can continue unexposed. The ‘rules and regulations’ plot is invoked, loud and clear, only when it is needed to muzzle the crying sheeple. Don’t be fooled; the connected goons are not subject to the usual ‘rules and regulations’! A simple example illustrates how the conniving African criminals create wealth out of thin air. One look at credit disbursement in each and every country clearly shows how the connected parasites are ‘making their money’, without lifting a finger. Credit/debt is directed mostly to those preapproved affiliates of the ruling clique. After money is punctually disbursed (by financial institutions) to all the vetted ‘investors’, the usual debt servicing/principal payments tend to get suspended (again under various pretexts). When things get really out of hand, the state promptly creates asset management companies to absolve the criminals from their obligations. These bad debts are taken over by the treasury (state) transferring the burden, once again to the poor sheeple, compliment of their captured state!

The African sheeple is currently attempting broad based insurrections, which are bound to increase violence. This mess will add fuel to the insufficiently defined/interpreted politics of identity. Identity politics have played a significant role, both in the looting as well as in the mal-governance of Africa’s highly diverse nations. On its own, we believe, identity politics is a dead end that ultimately closes on itself allowing no sunshine from the outside. This brings stagnation of thoughts leading to self-absorption and erratic behavior. In a world where variety is the spice of life, obsessing with identity politics can only bring estrangement, alienation, isolation and ultimately separation, in the best of times (remember the once proud nation of Yugoslavia before its NATO bombings and dismemberment)! Otherwise, paranoia, caused by identity politics, can easily unleash untold misery (remember Rwanda and its facilitated genocide)!

Ethiopia should not lose sight of this and must tackle all its problems from the point of view of genuine accommodation with a view to attain voluntary incorporation, always based on justice, and not some micky-mouse gimmickry. Stupid cleverness (not an oxymoron, but a trait of conscience-deprived liars, i.e., psychopaths) can only go so far and when this cunning is publicly exposed, there isn’t much that can be done, except to boldly out those directly responsible. Identity politics must be wisely managed, not only cleverly, if African countries desire to survive as stable entities. We admit; ‘leadership’ is chronically undersupplied in our continent, therefore, the challenges are that much difficult. Obviously our politicos are not organic critical thinkers, but mere imitators of destructive global ideas that have failed and are failing. To critic the existing world system requires, amongst other things, confidence in oneself, but again this is one of our Achilles heels! What is even worse; our states hardly allow sober and analytical reflections to come to the fore, further aggravating simmering resentments. As mere appendages to the current unstable global order, our states only parrot fiction and serve as foot soldiers (on the ground of nation-states) to the prevailing polarizing globalization, hence such fooling meme; ‘Africa Rising’!

Leaders or no leaders, the African sheeple must take matters in its own hands and must courageously interrogate the disparaging trajectory we are blindly pursuing. Here is a recent statement from one of the old Ethiopian/African hands: “We are living at the time when human beings are finally waking-up all around the world. It’s slow. It’s not a huge flame yet, but it’s growing and brighter every day.” Graham Hancock. Good Day!