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After failing to raise the 1.7 billion birr needed to build the Wollo Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital the project has been turned over to the Education Ministry.

According to the agreement Wollo University has the mandate to administer and construct the hospital. And it is expected that the university will complete the construction in four years

The project will consist of a three storey building for the hospital, two storey building for teaching, and three apartments each with accommodations for dormitories and housing for teachers.

The hospital will have about 750 beds and encompass all kinds of sophisticated surgery.

The hospital will be constructed in Wollo, 5KM from Diessie. The design was done by tripartite architects that worked with famous people like Mohammed Ahmed. The Engineering company is Universal Consultant & Architect and Engineering Plc. The project will cost around 7.2 million birr.

Eshetu Ayele manager of the committee said that the project will speed up once the government gets involved.

“We tried our best to get the money but we only gathered 53 million birr through a lottery and donors. Eshetu added: “When we first planned the project we assumed that 1.7 billion birr was enough  but the consultant told us  3.2 billion birr was needed.”

Capital asked the manager what role the committee would play in constructing the hospital.

“We will not manage the hospital we are responsible for the building and using the 53 million birr we have gathered wisely,” he said.