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The Ethiopian Olympic delegation returned home Thursday evening to a cold reception. Government officials and the federation were in attendance but not many other people. Golden girl Almaz Ayana apologized to the public for missing out the 5,000m podium while Robel Kiros dubbed “The Whale” blamed the absence of facilities for his humiliating performance.

One gold, two silver and five bronze medals, this is the lowest ever result since Barcelona where Derartu Tulu achieved the historic first ever Women’s gold medal in Africa. As usual surrounded by controversial issues like selection and training the Ethiopian Olympic Committee boldly predicted they would collect four gold, four silver and four bronze a total of twelve medals but managed to bring back home eight. Golden girl Almaz not only collected the gold but featured the best ever women’s 10,000m performance slashing more than fourteen seconds from the previous record set 23 years ago. Almaz’s dream double failed to come true but still she also managed a bronze in her bag in her first ever Olympic appearance. Nevertheless Almaz heavily apologized to Ethiopian people for failing to keep her promise. “It was a tough task and my adversaries were ready to pounce on the opportunity.

Genezebe Dibaba won Ethiopia’s  first ever Silver medal in the 1500m, Feyessa Lelisa’s heroic silver in the men’s Marathon, Ethiopia managed five bronze medals through all time women great distance athlete Trunesh Dibaba, Mare Dibaba, Tamrat Tola and Hagos G/Hiwot thus sitting 44th in world medal table far from neighboring Kenya that sits 13th with six gold medals.

In the mean time among the delegates that made it home is the 82kg over weight swimmer Robel blamed the federation for the poor result. The 24 year old college student son of Ethiopian Swimming Federation President Kiros Habte held responsible the federation for lack of swimming facilities and remained among the most talked about news of Rio. Finishing dead last out of 59 compotators and the public mock appeared not to discourage Robel from announcing his dream to take part in Tokyo in four years.