Frustrated Kenenisa calls for federation revolution


Olympic triple gold medalist Kenenisa Bekele told reporters the Rio 2016 Olympic result is frustrating for the public and may be the beginning of the end of  Ethiopian athletics if professionals don’t take over the leadership role at the federation. “Considering the preparation and chaotic situations surrounding athletics, the shocking result should have been much expected among the public,” remarked the world all time greatest cross country athlete who was denied a place in a Rio bound marathon squad.

According to Kenenisa the result at Rio is a shocking one that took back Ethiopian athletics far behind and a clear stance that the sport is in real danger. The problem is not new but this time it is on the wall for anyone to read. “Pushing off senior and world renowned athletes from the federation, lack of experienced coaches, denying a place to athletes, having the same athletes for different disciplines and an absence of clear plan and goal are chronic problems of Ethiopian athletics,” Kenenisa suggested. “The accusation and counter accusation was there from the very start of preparation and unfortunately no one to came to the forefront to take responsibility,” Kenenisa added.

To Kenenisa it is not only because of Ethiopians failure that Kenyans were out shined in Rio, but it is because they worked hard and got better prepared for the event. “Kenyans were geniuses in all tactical and technical matters. That is why their clear dominance.” The legend stated.

Kenenisa has a strong belief that it is not too late to rebound if professionals are invited for the leading role A determined stance from the government is the key to make things turn around for the better, she added.