Francophone dance event  takes over Lagos

Francophone Nite

The 2016 well anticipated Francophone dance event was held in Lekki –Epe express way Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

The high class event that is a brain child of the French connoisseur, Jimi Sadare ONE OF Africa’s foremost promoters and CEO of Effrakata Entertainment, came out this time with all the trappings of a night armed with peak glitz and glamour.

In a position paper confirming the date of the event, earlier Effrakata had quoted Jimi Sadare the company CEO as saying authoritatively that: “After slight delay in confirming guest list, International Deejay timing and sponsorship and branding of the event, we have the pleasure of confirming to all and sundry that the event will now be taking place unfailingly on Saturday, 3rd September 2016 by 10 pm till fade”. The event was hailed successful and met expectations.

The francophone night of bliss, a most special night that often sees Effrakata bringing under one roof, a most discerning Elite guests, made up of big captain of industry, politicians, government officials, diplomats and men from all works of life, come and unwind, was said to be unique this time around.

It was a night of total pampering the top flight executives that hardly find time to unwind. The night was infected with high voltage French/African brand of rare music.

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