Lucy encounters Tanzania in Lucy Cecafa maiden edition

The virgin Cecafa Women’s football championship takes place in Uganda from September 11 to October 9 2016. The tourney features seven nations in two groups. Meseret Manni who was just appointed Ethiopia’s head coach announced the final selection of 24 players. It includes Loza Abera, who led the league in scoring last year and MVP, Shetaye Sisay.

Group A is expected to be the most challenging as it brings together host Uganda, the only East African nation to book a place in the 2017 African Women’s Cup Final, Kenya, Burundi and black sheep Zanzibar. Kenya is the hot favorite to win the group followed by Uganda.

Group “B” features only three sides; Ethiopia, Rwanda and Tanzania. Ethiopia is expected to emerge victorious with Rwanda the likely runner-up. The September 11 opening match brings Uganda to a head on clash against Burundi while Ethiopia takes on Tanzania two days later. The winner of group one takes on the group two runner up while the group two winner encounters the other group runner-up in the semi final showdown.

Neged Bank dominates the list with seven players while double champion Dedebit is represented by six players. Mekelakya and Dashen Birra have four and two players respectively while Hawassa Town, Sidama Bunna, Diredawa Town, Saint George and Kidst Mariam College each feature one player. Lucy has been getting ready since this week as they work out in Driedawa.

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